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WebMark Site Development Process

We believe that it is important to follow a defined process when building websites so that we can confidently deliver the same level of quality on every job. The process that we follow is outlined and briefly described below.

  1. Goal Analysis

    Determining what you need your website to accomplish (eg. Generating new business, increasing brand exposure etc.).
  2. Content Analysis / Information Architecture

    Discovering all the information you want to include on your site and then breaking it down into related sections. During this step we also identify important keywords / phrases for Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
  3. Site Layout Design

    Choosing the best way to physically organize and lay out the content of the site on a browser screen (eg. positioning of navigational menus, content areas, graphics etc.).
  4. Site Graphic Design

    Creating attractive graphics to match the layout we have designed which will make your site look great and create a lasting, positive first impression on visitors.
  5. Implementation of Designs

    Putting the content, the layout, and graphical designs together and building the actual website. We make sure to conform to industry standards, and best practices for website development to ensure that your site is of the highest quality.
  6. Launch & Sign-off

    Putting your site on the Internet. This requires the registration of a domain name such as and then the purchasing of hosting space to host your website. For your convenience, we provide high quality solutions for both of these requirements.
  7. Ongoing Review & Maintenance

    Ongoing review of your site to ensure that it is meeting your goals. Tracking statistics about site usage, and making recommendations for improvement. We can also update site content and correct errors as the need arrises.

Note: We will execute this process in constant consultation with you to avoid surprises, and to ensure that your project is as successful as every other project we have completed.


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