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Who creates the content for a website?

The content of a site is all the text, graphics, photos, videos etc. which make up the substance of what your site is actually about. Everything else that is part of a website is really just serving as a container for the content which is definitely the most important element in any website. As such, the quality of a site's content is critical to it's success and should be given the highest priority when beginning a new website. This is exactly what we do (see WebMark Site Development Process).

So who should create the content?

Our experience with managing website projects has led us to the conclusion that we need to work with you to develop content. Why? Because you know your business better than we possibly can, and we know the unique requirements of website users better than you probably do (unless you have experience in creating content for the web). Therefore, because of how important your site's content is we encourage you to work with us to ensure that the content on your site is as effective as possible.

It really is important

Believe us when we tell you that having good content really can make a big difference to the results you get from your website. Just think of the difference in the impression you get from a site that has tonnes of hard-to-read content, or which has content that is packed with spelling or grammatical errors.

The web is an extremely fast-paced environment. You can often measure the amount of time a user gives to your site in seconds. With that little time to get your message across, your content needs to be easy to read, concise, and interesting. We can help you to create content that fulfills these requirements.


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