Real-person test explained!

Before sending an email to WebMark Designs we require you to verify that you are a real person by entering randomly generated text from an image into a text field. If the text you enter matches that which was in the image then the website is satisfied that you are a real-person. Why? Because, while this task is very easy for humans, it is very hard for computers.

Why is this necessary? These days Spam is becoming more and more prevalent, and, just like everyone else, we get lots at WebMark Designs. There are programs that have been written which trawl the internet looking for web sites like ours with contact forms that they automatically fill out with advertising material. The real-person test is one of the best ways to stop this as these programs are usually not sophisticated enough to decipher the text from the image.

For more information, or to add the real-person test to your website, contact WebMark Designs.

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