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We were initially approached by Strategis Solutions because they needed an effective and efficient web solution developed as soon as possible.

The brief we were given was that it would be a small site and that it may need a redesign at a later date in order to contain more information. However, the WebMark Designs developers built the site in such a way as to allow for easy expansion. Strategis Solutions are now able to add and change content, in whatever way they choose, with little to no help from us or other third parties!

WebMark Designs were given a week to complete this task and it was a total success! Since it's launch in early 2003, the Strategis Solutions project has only needed one revision to fully allow them to independently maintain the site if required.

In the end, Strategis Solutions were completely satisfied with the effective implementation achieved by WebMark Designs.


Technology used:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Adobe Photoshop



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